Why Lima? How you can harness opportunities with mobility and location data in South America’s fourth most-populous city

Informal public transport routes are essential in Lima

Informal vs formal public transport routes in Lima

Transit Data in Lima

Our research found that up to 90% of emerging-market public transport network data is missing from other data providers. With Transit Data from WhereIsMyTransport, you get access to data from the complete public transport network — formal and informal. It’s also important to remember that as emerging-market cities change, so too do the public transport networks that move the citizens of these cities. Because of this, hyperlocal expertise is key when maintaining accurate data assets. Our local, on-the ground teams in Lima — and every other city where we work — ensure our data is accurate amongst ever-changing conditions.

Corredores complementarios are buses designed to integrate with and complement other government-run modes of transport (Source)
  • Service operating times
  • Fare details
  • Accessibility data
  • Vehicle attributes (wifi, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Hyperlocal data (vehicle headsigns, route and stop names, route colours, iconography, etc.)

Point of Interest Data in Lima

Points of Interest (POIs) are locations that people value. This could be a wifi point, or a taco stand; a ride-hailing pickup area, or a ticket desk. But in Lima, POIs could be at their most fulfilling for locating food sellers that serve famous local dishes like ceviche (fresh fish cured in citrus juice), lomo saltado (sautéed beef), and pollo a la brasa (Peruvian rotisserie chicken).

Combis in Lima, Peru (Source)
  • Locate your business to maximise the impact of your offering.
  • Understand the needs of your customers and future customers, informed by an understanding of where they go and how they get there.
  • Improve economic access for local citizens.

Real-Time Alerts in Lima

Real-Time Alerts, as the name suggests, gives you information about the city as it happens. Our Real-Time Alerts from road and mobility networks in emerging markets can benefit road users, businesses, and anyone delivering results informed by the pulse of the city.

Traffic congestion in Lima, Peru (Source)
  • Description
  • Cause and effect
  • Duration
  • Affected infrastructure

Data-driven business

Data-informed decisions bring about their maximum benefit when that data is complete, accurate, and fresh. WhereIsMyTransport is proud to fill that gap in emerging markets, using our high-quality mobility and location data to make the invisible visible, and make growth opportunities possible.



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