Why Dar es Salaam? Using data to reduce congestion in Africa’s third fastest growing city

Image sourced from Science Direct

The cost of traffic congestion

Traffic congestion comes at a very real cost: increased fuel costs, pollution, and time spent travelling, as well as an increase in road collisions. There are also social costs including discomfort and stress. When traffic congestion is a problem, it can also limit access to essential services such as education and employment which, in turn, has an adverse effect on a city’s economic growth.

Public transport investments in Dar es Salaam

In 2016, East Africa’s first Bus Rapid Transit system was implemented in an effort to reduce the city’s stifling congestion — a project that was a partnership between the Development Bank, World Bank, and the Tanzanian Government.

The BRT is reasonably cheap, with a fixed rate of 650 TZS (0.21 GBP/0.28 USD) per route.

Transit Data opportunities

Transit Data is rarely available in emerging markets. When it is, it is often incomplete and unreliable. At WhereIsMyTransport, we change that. We map and maintain data accuracy for every mode and operational style of public transport in emerging markets — including in Dar es Salaam — to deliver reliable, comprehensive, and fresh Transit Data in the global-standard GTFS format.

Daladala hub in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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