Why Bangkok? Thailand’s consumption patterns to grow to $410 billion over the next decade

Bus depot in Bangkok, Thailand

Understanding opportunity in Bangkok requires an understanding of public transportation

In Bangkok, nearly 3.5 million people rely on public transportation to get where they need to go. In emerging markets, anywhere from 30 to 90% of Transit Data is not available from other data providers. As such, commuters often rely on word of mouth and their own knowledge to guide them on their journeys.

Data availability in Bangkok

Jug Vajarodaya, WhereIsMyTransport’s Country Manager in Thailand, believes the challenge with understanding how people move in Bangkok was, initially, a challenge of data availability. The public transport network in Bangkok consists of developed-world-standard mobility networks alongside developing-world-standard mobility networks and the result — as is generally the case in South East Asia — was a lack of consistent data availability. With data available for some modes and regions, but not others, WhereIsMyTransport stepped up to overcome the challenge.

Tuk-tuk and mototaxis in Bangkok, Thailand

Understand the pulse of the city with Real-Time Alerts

For WhereIsMyTransport, helping Bangkok commuters get where they need to go also involves our public transport app Rumbo. Rumbo leverages our data from the complete public transport network in the Thai capital, giving commuters access to information that reflects the ground truth of the city. Our Real-Time Alerts in Rumbo mean commuters are informed about any disruptions on their route, and as such, can choose an alternative to save time. Commuters also benefit by no longer needing to check a range of external sources for information on route disruptions — they can use one tool to stay informed and stay ahead.

Commuter uses Rumbo during a commute in Bangkok, Thailand

What does this mean for organisations?

For organisations looking to harness opportunities in this high-growth market, our Transit Data, Point of Interest (POI) Data, and Real-Time Alerts represent a unique opportunity, providing access to a single, trusted source of truth. Our data is available in the global-standard formats — GTFS, POIs, and GTFS-R — making it easy to integrate into software applications.

  • Public authorities and financial institutions who analyse transport network impact can make data-driven decisions that play an important role in solving real-world challenges.
  • Engineering consultancies can use data to understand and uncover growth opportunities.
  • Real estate firms and advertising agencies can make decisions based on data about the best location investments, as well as optimise their campaigns.



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