Talent attraction and business profitability come back to diversity and inclusion

Bangkok, Thailand team members from WhereIsMyTransport
WhereIsMyTransport team members from Thailand and South Africa
Rumbo — WhereIsMyTransport’s public transport app — in use in Bangkok, Thailand
WhereIsMyTransport Cape Town team members
A few team members in Cape Town, South Africa
  1. 39% of respondents prioritised: “An environment that provides a sense of purpose, where I feel like I make an impact”
  2. 36% of respondents prioritised: “A place where work flexibility (parental leave, ability to work remotely, flexible scheduling, etc.) is provided as a top priority”
Remote working for WhereIsMyTransport’s Data Processing Manager
Jorge Arreola, WhereIsMyTransport’s Data Processing Manager in Mexico, in his remote-working space for the day



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Stories about data, mobility, and the Majority World.