Announcing WhereIsMyTransport’s $14.5M Series A Extension, and Launching Rumbo in Latin America

2 min readJun 7, 2021

WhereIsMyTransport is thrilled to announce our Series A extension, raising an additional $14.5 million, and furthering our mission to empower people everywhere to get where they need to go. Rapidly changing public transport networks, accentuated during the pandemic, have proven the value and importance of a central mobility data source that you can trust — and this is precisely what WhereIsMyTransport provides.

We are welcoming an exciting group of new investors to our journey, each making a unique contribution and helping us deepen our mobility data offerings. The round was led by Naspers Foundry, Cathay AfricInvest Innovation Fund, and SBI Investment, with additional funds from Capria Ventures, Wuri Ventures, Mission Gate, B&Y, and KDDI Open Innovation Fund managed by Global Brain.

We are progressing our commitment to map and maintain mobility data in the world’s 30 largest emerging-market cities, with Lima, Bangkok, Mexico City, Dhaka and Gauteng already under our belt. This work is already paying off.

Google integrated WhereIsMyTransport’s data on Mexico City’s informal public transport lines into Google Maps, giving commuters improved journey results. When the World Bank wanted complete data on the public transport networks in seven African cities, they turned to us.

In each case, WhereIsMyTransport has proven to be the best source of comprehensive, reliable public transport data. For the first time, businesses can understand the networks that serve 3.2 billion consumers in emerging-market megacities. Financial analysts increasingly see mobility data as an indicator of economic trends.

Rumbo by WhereIsMyTransport

Our deep understanding of these markets not only allows us to offer unrivalled mobility data, but now includes a consumer product tailored to Majority-World megacities. For us, offering complete network data makes up only part of the equation. Another part is making that data useful for commuters.

Seeing an opportunity, we developed Rumbo, which we released in Mexico City in 2020. Rumbo is an Android app that helps people get the most from public transport. It includes information from all public transport modes, alerting users to disruptions and providing alternative routes on the go.

In Mexico City alone, Rumbo has already reached over 100,000 users. Commuters find value in the first-ever integration of all 2,400 public transport routes in the city, not to mention the 750,000 real-time alerts the app has already shared. Rumbo launches in Lima in June 2021, and future launches are planned in other emerging-market megacities.

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