2021 in review: what we achieved together this year

Data in action

At WhereIsMyTransport, we produce high-quality mobility and location data for emerging-market megacities. Our data makes it possible for organisations to understand the mobility ground truth in these markets, and the vast opportunities within them.

Unlocking new markets

Our team was also busy producing and maintaining high-quality mobility and location data in nine different cities, bringing our total coverage to over 45 cities. And launching our consumer product, Rumbo, in three of them.

A multi-layered approach

Thanks to our data collection work this year, you now can access accurate, reliable, and complete transit data for an additional 101 public transport agencies in emerging-market megacities across the Majority World. This includes government-run transport modes like Bangkok’s Skytrain and Lima’s Metro, and flexible informal modes, such as Dar es Salaam’s daladalas.



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Stories about data, mobility, and the Majority World.